Setting up your First Chatbot for FREE with Chatfuel

Have you ever felt like automating the Most Bored task like replying the same message to all incoming message?


Replying to Message based on the User input.

One thing I recently hated about Facebook is.. It’s Showing Response time in the Pages.

What is Response time?

Facebook Response time is calculated based on how fast the Page Admin responded to the User. 

Alright, Let’s think from the User Perspective

If you need any help and you can contact someone only through the Facebook Page. And you’re opening up the Page. It show the message like in the bottom. What do you think first?

Late Response time in Facebook Page
Late Response time in Facebook Page

And what do you think of this?

Chatbot will increase the Response time. All you have to do is. This like a User or Reader and Setup Conversation.

Very responsive to Messages in Facebook Page

What is Chatfuel?

Chatfuel can be used to set up simple chatbots very quickly. You can even choose tempaltes for a variety of common uses cases. Chatfuel works great when you want to automate part of a customer interaction, then hand off to a real support or sales agent.

Source : Quora Answer

Chatfuel Logo

Team Behind Chatfuel

Dmitry Dumik is the Founder and CEO of Chatfuel. He Currently Lives in San Francisco, California. says his Facebook Profile.

Dmitry Dumik
Dmitry Dumik with Mark Zuckerberg

Andrew Demeter

Andrew Demeter is the Social Media Manager​ of Chatfuel. He Currently Lives in Washington, District of Columbia​. says his Facebook Profile.

My Review about Chatfuel

According to me, Chatfuel is a Good Messenger bot platform. Even though I use various bot platforms. Chatfuel sticked in my head. Because the Setup process is very easy compared to other Platforms.

Here are my Ratings

Ease of Access
Good for Beginner
Customer Support

So, Let's Start building our First Chatbot with Chatfuel

Head over to

Now, Click on Get started for free Button.

Chatfuel Singup Button

Now, You’ll be prompted with Facebook Profile Authorization dialogue. Give the Credentials and Click login

After Clicking the Login. You’ll be prompted with the Dialogue to Continue as your Username. Simply click on the Continue as Button.

Continue as Your Username

Now, You have to Select the Facebook Pages you want to integrate Chatbot. After selecting Click on Next Button in the Bottom of the Dialog.

Now you have to allow Chatfuel to Access the Permission like Mange your Page and Sending Message from the Page. Click the Done Button.

Allow Chatfuel to Access the Page

Now, Select the Connect to Page Button to Connect Chatfuel Services with your selected Facebook Page.

Clicking Connect button in Chatfuel Dashboard

Now, In this Pricing Page. We are going to Select FREE. (It allows only upto 1000 Subscribers.) And Click Select Free Button.

Selecting Pricing in Chatfuel Dashboard

Alright, Now you’re bot is configured with Facebook Page and you’ll be redirected to Chatfuel Bot Dashboard.

Bot Dashboard Chatfuel

That’s all. Congrats for Setting up your First Chatbot using Chatfuel.

Will update this Post with more topics soon.

Let me know what you need to know in the Comment box below. 🙂

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