Interview with Fernando, CEO of ClickDo Ltd | #1 SEO Consultant in London

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Let’s Start.

Q: Hey Fernando, Kindly Introduce yourself with my Readers.

Fernando: I’m the #1 SEO Consultant in London, UK and the most authentic SEO expert in the entire world. I show ranks and how I do it and prove to the world. I own ClickDo Ltd. and SeekaHost Ltd. which are grown with my top-notch SEO skills.

Q: Alright, Let’s Talk about something personal, where have you been brought up? Now in London. How it is?

Fernando: Raised in Doha Qatar and then Sri Lanka and in many countries as my parents worked in various countries. But London is the best and I’m over here for more than a decade now.

Q: When you Started doing SEO? and How it all started?

Fernando: I read an article on Forbes about rising industries and SEO was mentioned as a skill that every local business owner will demand. So I learned it back in 2014 testing and applying. It was so easy to rank back them.

Q: Do you have any Personal Blog too? YouTube?

Fernando: Yes I do and it’s the first every blog I started. YouTube is ClickDo.

Q: What’s the Motive Behind starting an SEO Agency ClickDo and That’s based on London?

Fernando: So much opportunity to help local business owners in London and get paid to do the SEO services. SEO is a skill that I and my teams can remotely work even though we have our offices in Canary Wharf, London.

Q: What do you think about SEO in 2019? A Massive Change or something like that?

Fernando: It actually started to become so easy again to rank. Good on page SEO and then guest posting links for backlinks is what’s needed to rank.

Q: Do you Feel SEO has changed in past month?

Fernando: No really.

Q: What do you think about Google Update Florida 2?

Fernando: I did not even know or heard about “Google Update Florida 2” – Is that a new name? I only pay attention to rank and rarely bother about Google updates and what others are doing.

Q: What are your Future Plans? Have seen you’re busy with SeekaHost for now.

Fernando: SeekaHost is my babe for future web services. Loving it how it’s growing everyday customers from Google.

Q: What is the Advice for the Newbies of SEO ?

Fernando: Start learning SEO skills ASAP. I have put up an SEO course where any newbie can learn online. Link to learn course and join the academy.

That’s all for now, Feel free to connect with Fernando.

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